About us

“Drone Technology” – European innovative company focused on the development and research of unmanned and remotely piloted systems.

A modern, ultra professional, aviation and engineering company.We are the leaders in our field, our aim is to find and develop the next advance in our industry – the next step, the next leap. Whilst at the same time providing our clients with unparalleled backup and service. Our clients are our future, we never forget it.

Company “Drone Technology” was founded in 2011 and today provides services in the design and manufacture of high-tech unmanned systems and components, offering its clients services such as unmanned multirotor platforms, monitoring services, projects support, research and very much more.

“Drone Technology” is regarded as the most professional and respected company in Central and Eastern Europe in the fields of design, experimentation, research and development, operations and client support.

“Drone Technology” is at the cutting edge of developments in the field of Remotely Piloted Systems. Our technical staff are exceedingly highly qualified, are able to perform any and all tasks and are as a team  extremely ambitious to be the first to discover and implement new designs, technologies and solutions in this new and exciting form of aviation.

“Drone Technology” – AVIATION’S FUTURE!


Headquarters Riga, Latvia
Address: Brivibas street 155/k-3, Riga, Latvia, LV-1012
Phone: +371 67 385 088
Cell phone: +371 26 882 486
E-mail: info@dronetechnology.eu

Representative in London, United Kingdom
Address: 27 Pauline House, Old Montague Street, London, United Kingdom
Cell phone: + 44 7553515123
E-mail: rita.roberts@dronetechnology.eu

Representative in Recife, Brasil 
Address: R.Dr. George William Butler 569  Galpão 14
Curado -Recife- PE
Cell Phone: +55 81 9 9979.6628
E-mail: adolpho@dronetechnology.eu

Representative in Asia & South Pacific region
Address: 206 Gipps Road, Gwynneville, NSW, 2500, Australia
E-mail: agareev@dronetechnology.eu