Custom Project Development

Our Possibilities:

  • Design and produce RPAS as completely system for specified tasks and solutions

  • Design and produce RPAS components

    • Platforms;
    • Ground Control Stations;
    • Gimbals;
    • Telemetry solutions etc.
  • RPAS platform and system upgrade and reconfiguration

  • RPAS maintenance

“Drone Technology” provides professional Engineering solutions for Remote Piloting System design and development projects. Our engineers are professionals in aviation system with extensive experience of CAD/CAM/CAE solutions. By using modern and professional CAD software and aviation level engineering approach we can design and produce RPAS at any class level, configuration and complexity. In design process, our engineering team takes into account a variety of parameters like aerodynamic aspects, analysis of the weight/strength and stiffness, performance calculations, properties of modern composite materials etc.