Ground Control Stations

Drone Technology Ground Control Stations (GCS) are designed to fully control the drones during operations. All GCS have modular design and they can be adopted to every client needs.
  • Drone and Payload Control Consoles

  • First Person View Monitors

  • Navigation and Mission Planning Console

Ground Control Systems Description

Waterproof, compact and modular design, easy to set up and “Touch-and-Fly” philosophy makes it very convenient solution for both transportation and operations.

Power Source Rechargeable Li-Po Batteries
Telemetry Range Up to 3 km
Data Link Range Up to 15 km
Secondary Console Optional for remote payload control away from pilot
2 Control Consoles (optional)
  • Primary GCS Console

Mission planning on touchscreen or laptop and all necessary equipment in one console allows to fully control the drone during manual, semi-autonomous or fully autonomous flights.

  • Secondary GCS Console

Ground Control Station system with 2 consoles allows payload operator to be fully independent from pilot. It gives the opportunity to have separate screens and control consoles without any wires combining comfort with safety.

Touch-and-Fly Philosophy

Simple mission planning on touchscreen or preplanned flight plan upload gives the opportunity to make your drone fly by itself after pressing button “GO”!

First Person View (FPV)

Live video from drone gives the possibility to get separate first person view from drone and experience feelings if you were on board.

Wireless HD Video (optional)

During operations a live HD quality video from your drone is displayed on GCS. It can be distributed to other devices as well giving you a perfect view from payload or platform to reach the best results.